Mirroring Academy is the ultimate membership to learn how to, predictably, increase the revenue of your Service Based Business

With these 4 things...

  • Full Access to the Mirroring Academy library and updates
  • 2x/week Q&A Calls
  • ​Private Inner Circle
  • ​Direct Support from Filipe
Disclaimer: The Mirroring Academy is terrorizing all those "gurus" who charge multiple thousands of $$$ for a lot less help. 

Mirroring Students Success Stories

"$7550 contract closed in 3 weeks"

Alex Ramirez - Agency Owner

"First $3000 client in 6 weeks"

Reina Pathan - Career Coach

"First paying client in the first week"

Lilas Mekinawe - Weight Loss Coach

"First paying client in 7 weeks"

Rodrigo Silva - Procrastination Coach

"First paying client in 3 weeks"

Michelle Durand - Life Coach

"5 figures in 5 weeks"

Amelia Layla - Soul Embodiment Alchemist

"3 High Ticket Clients in 6 weeks"

Phillip Gerard - Fitness Coach

"First high ticket paying client on LinkedIn under 4 weeks"

Israel Fernandez - Digital Marketing Agency

"Agency Owner goes from $10k/mo to $30k/mo under 8 weeks"

Amanda Rush - Digital Marketing Agency

You will...

  • ​Identify and Find Your Perfect Buyer 
  • ​Mirror Your Perfect Buyer 
  • ​Learn The Psychology Of High Ticket Sales
  • ​Convert A Complete Stranger Into A Loyal High Ticket Customer
  • ​Learn How To Turn A Stranger Into a High Ticket Buyer In Under 4 Days
  • ​Communicate On Social Medial With Massive Persuasion
  • ​Prospect Organically Using The Mirroring Formula (Know As The "Jedi Mind Trick") & Book As Many Sales Calls As You Want
  • ​Create A Profitable & Irresistible Offer
  • ​Build Your Authority As An Expert In Your Niche (Starting Out With No Audience & No Testimonials)
  • ​Build Your 5 Figure/Month Business With No Social Media Following
  • ​Build Your 5 Figure/Month Business With No Paid Ads
  • ​​Build Your 5 Figure/Month Business Without Multiple Softwares and Gadgets
  • ​​​Build Your 5 Figure/Month Business With No Special Funnels or Webinars
  • ​Master Your Mindset To Succeed In Business

Total Value: $19,950

Only: $99/week


It is a fact that the Online Service Industry it's a fantastic world to build your dream life... a life where you have the opportunity to help others with your “gifts”/skills and get paid doing it. 
It is also a fact that the Online Service Industry is a fantastic place for the "hundreds" of so called "gurus" who try to make $ helping others making money by literally “regurgitating” what they have learned in some other courses and just basically pass it down to you... with no proven records or no proof of concept to back them up.
At this point, the market is so "noisy" that you don't really know who to follow or who to believe (and I understand you). 
Most probably you have bought a course on how to grow your business revenue…
Or maybe you, currently, have a "business coach"...
Or maybe you have appointment setters or VAs working for you…
If you are reading this, it means that 1) your business revenue growth is not consistent and 2) it's definitely not predictable.
Well, I must say this is your lucky day! 
You see, on the opposite side of most of these “fake gurus”, I do not depend on the Mirroring Academy revenue for my own life. I am fortunate enough to have other income sources. I say this, because that allows me to be in a position where I can truly help others grow their business revenue without asking them to go into debt or asking them for multiple thousands of $. 
You can simply start today for as little as some dozens of $ and leave at any point you want. I won’t be locking you to a useless contract for an extended amount of time. If for some reason, you do not like it, you simply leave. No questions asked. 
If you decide to stay, learn and apply this unique formula, you will be helping a lot of people with your business. Which means, you will be making a lot of $ for you and your family.
I look forward to seeing you on the inside. 


Try it. You have NOTHING to lose!

Like I've said earlier...I want the Mirroring Academy to be available for everyone...and that includes you. 
I've helped generate millions of $ in revenue in various industries and it's my passion to teach others doing the same. 
If you don't find the Mirroring Academy worth the $99, just ask it back and I'll refund it to you. 
I want you to be 100% happy right from week one! 
Get yourself started, follow the training, join the calls, put in the work and let me help you be super profitable. 
0 risk = nothing to lose = everything to gain => I could not make it easier for you to join…


I don't have a clear offer. Does this still work for me? 
Absolutely! Most of the mirroring students do not have a clear offer when they join the Mirroring Academy. In Module 2 you will learn how to create an irresistible offer for your perfect buyer. 
What if I have a Business Coach already? Or I am following a different course? 
Well, the mirroring formula is strictly focused on business revenue growth. In most cases, it can be complemented with other teachings. However, at the beginning stages of your business, you want to focus on one revenue strategy until it becomes profitable and predictable. 
How much time do I need to see profitable results? 
The mirroring formula is proven to work but, I am not here to tell you that things will happen on its own. The average time needed to predict a profitable business is 4h/day = 20h/week. If you can just commit to those numbers, you will do very well. 
I already use Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram to promote my business. Why should I join? 
The mirroring formula does not depend on a specific social media platform to be profitable. It depends only on your Perfect Buyer patterns of behavior. In other words, where your Perfect Buyer is, currently, actively, looking for the solution you have, is where you will be promoting your business. 

You only need to find the “right” social media platform and use the mirroring formula to, consistently, bring your $10k/mo business revenue. 

I think I am not good in sales. Do you teach how to sell? 
Yes! There’s an entire module directed to sales skills and perfomance. You will also be assigned a colleague to practice your sales skills. “Practice makes it perfect”.
What kind of support will I receive? 
You will have direct access to Filipe at the Q&A calls, twice per week. 

You will be part of the Inner Circle where Filipe is active every day answering questions and guiding the mirroring students throughout the program. 

You will be able to interact with the other fantastic students to help and support each other (including those who have worked with Filipe since the very beginning and became super successful with this formula). 

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